7 Arguments in Support of Having a Second Child

According to statistics, every second married couple who has already had one child starts thinking about a second kid. Most families opt for one child only because they are uncertain about their future. So, is it worth limiting oneself to one kid or you should risk and give birth to another baby? Let's find out how many advantages you and the first child will have if you choose the second option.

How to Have a Harmonious Marriage

The world changes and nowadays, knowledge of psychology is a necessary condition, without which your family life can lose a lot. It’s also about an idea of modern marriage. The theory of family relationships has gone through tremendous changes over the past decades, old ideas have ceased to work, and not everyone has managed to develop new ones. That is why it’s necessary to revise the outdated doctrines of family values and take a fresh look at relationships. So, what should you do to keep your love?

A Very Quick Garden Update

Cucumbers 6-3-16Just a quick little post to show off our rapidly growing cucumbers.  I can almost watch them growing.  These two pictures were taken roughly 48 hours apart, and I’d swear the plants have grown about 12 inches in that time frame.  We have gotten quite a bit of rain, plus the containers are on an automatic watering system.  I’m not sure if that is what is contributing to the rapid growth or if this is normal.  I don’t remember cucumbers doing this before, but the last time I grew them about two or three years ago, we did not have them on an automatic watering system, nor were we getting near the rain we’ve been getting this spring.    I have quite a few baby cucumbers already.

Not pictured are our rapidly growing tomato plants.  Our cherry tomato, which is just about two years old now is loaded with tomatoes and flowers.  We have two more tomato plants that popped up in one of the flower pots, and they are also doing well.  I don’t know what variety they are yet since I didn’t plant them.  I am hoping to get enough tomatoes to can some more of my grandmother’s pasta sauce.

Our pineapple plant is looking lush and green but no pineapple yet.  I think I need to transplant it into a bigger pot.  It’s also going on two years old, so hopefully this year or next year, we’ll get a pineapple.

My peppermint, spearmint, and stevia have come back from the dead, and they’re all doing well.  Now that I have lots of stevia, I need to see how to preserve it and how to use it.  I haven’t planted corn this year (yet).  I had planned to, but the Earthbox container I had saved for the corn is currently housing some rosemary, which isn’t doing well at all.  I may need to dig that one up and start over with the rosemary or just go ahead and plant the corn before it gets too much later.  I have had great results with growing corn in a container, and with the automatic watering system, I’m sure it will really do well.  One thing I’ve learned is that corn is a huge water hog, similar to the tomatoes and the cucumbers.

I need to replant my other herb plants I lost last fall due to an unexpected cold snap – oregano, sage, thyme, parsley, lemon balm, and the above-mentioned rosemary.  I really miss being able to go outside and snip off what I need for a recipe.

What about you?  Do you have anything growing in your garden?

Our First Harvest of the Season

First Harvest


Almost two years ago, we planted this little cherry tomato plant and were pleasantly surprised that it not only survived its first winter, but also its second winter.  It looks like it could use some fertilizer but it is already loaded with tomatoes.  It’s always a nice surprise to see the first few tomatoes of the season.

It’s the little things that count.

The plant is covered with lots of green tomatoes, and I’m already dreaming of how I plan to use them.

Happy Spring

Happy Spring 🙂

2014-03-20 tree

Leap Day 2016

happy leap day


Make the most of the extra 24 hours we are given today – enjoy your day.  🙂

January 2016 Garden Update

Happy New Year!  I hope all of you had a wonderful and happy New Year.

Parsley 1-31-16

Even though I much prefer a four-season climate, this up and down weather has me with a serious case of spring fever.  I’m itching to get out and get some planting done, even though it is a bit early on some things, even for us.  It was nice outside today so in between working on accounting and economics homework, I went outside to uncover the plants and to see what all I need to do to get ready for next weekend when I can hopefully get some more plants started.  I was pleasantly surprised to find two tomato plants growing in the Earth Box container plus some stevia, mint, and parsley all coming back from the roots.  I thought they were long dead.  Hopefully soon we’ll start seeing some flowers on the tomato plants.

I’m hoping this is the year our pineapple plant will produce a pineapple.  I may need to transplant it into a bigger pot.  Right now the temperatures are too unpredictable so the plant is living inside for the time being.

Our green onions are still growing like crazy.  A little while back, I bought a couple of yellow onions at the grocery store, and one of them started sprouting earlier this week.  I haven’t grown yellow onions before, but now is as good as time as any to try since I have one sprouting and ready to be planted.  I also am going to attempt to grow some garlic as well, another first for me.

I recently saw this little kitchen herb garden in a mason jar Amazon (affiliate link) that I would like to try.  I plan on ordering this one soon and will report back on how it does.  I love the idea of it and really hope it works out.  I was unable to get as much done around our little homestead last year as I would have liked, so over the next few days, I’m going to be prioritizing what I’d like to get done and then post about it here.  How about you?  Are there any projects you’re thinking about doing this year?


Happy New Year!

New Year 2016


Happy New Year from Our Tiny Texas Homestead.  I hope 2016 brings you many blessings.  Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!